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Welcome To Hotel Ocean INN

Hotel Ocean Inn is founded by replica watches uk the experienced campaigners who has vast exposed in hotel & tourism management. This was founded in the year of 2010 and from that day it always trying to provide the best services in the industry. It is embeded with many outlined features for tourism and for satisfaction of the rolex replica customers. Its prime location near to Gopalpur Light House has been a remarkable feature to its honour. Guests will enjoy the evening walk near to Light House with their family.

Our Offers

Cusotmers can have full internet access with unlimited download and upload facilitied with the wifi connection available with Ocean INN.

The entire premises of OceanINN has been equiped under CCTV camers, where each and every activities were monitored by the hotel

All range of food and beverages were available for customer delight. The range of food includes Indian, chinese, south Indian etc.

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